School Activities

Since the foundation of our School for Chinese Education in September 2004, we have organized various activities and workshops for enhancing the communication between parents of students, students, and teachers in our school.

Each year, in the third week of June, our school organizes a final celebration of the end of the study year. During the festivities the pupils sing and dance, while the   parents are shown what their children have learnt about their culture. In addition, each Saturday, information about the progress of their children are available for the parents.



Our school organizes festivities such as the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Mid-Autuum celebration. Students from different countries having different cultural backgrounds participate and communicate in Chinese.



Sinterklaas is a tradional Dutch festival on December 5th. The school arranges for a visit of the old bishop and his black assistant to bring gifts and “pepernoten” (spiced biscuits) to all classrooms as a token of the affection for their pupils.





Our school has organized several workshops for the students: for playing drums, for calligraphy, and for dance. In addition there were workshops for adult students and parents for making chocolate bonbons and flower arranging.

Twice our school was invited to participate in the meetings of the Dutch Asociation of Adoption Families. During the first occasion one of our students presented a solo singing performance and another student played the Guzheng, a Chinese musical instrument. The second time, our teachers staged a Chinese folk dance.

To improve the social skills of the children and their collaborative spirit, our school has participated twice in a newscast about the school by a Dutch TV station. The first time about the periodical distribution of school reports to the students, the second time about how Chinese children live in Holland