1. Standard lessons in class

At present, our Chinese school is open on each Saturday. We have classes for small children, school children, adolescents, and adults.

With sufficient motivation to learn Chinese, our students will become more proficient in Chinese, irrespective of cultural background and country of origin.

In the course for adults, Chinese is taught at a level required in order that students can successfully pass that level of the HSK Chinese proficiency test.

We  provide help and guidance during study. We aim to prepare adult members during the course year for their next level of the HSK Chinese proficiency test.

2. Private lessons and tutorials

We offer private lessons and tutorials on specific demand, depending on age or current knowledge of Chinese. The private lessons can be given weekly during the year or during summer or winter holiday periods only. Alternatively, a crash course in a shorter period of time is a possibility. As an example we mention the case of one of our pupils called Bert. Bert is a student at Erasmus University in Rotterdam who followed our course in Chinese in addition to his study at the University to prepare for an internship at the Dutch foreign office. He needed an intensified training on verbal communication skills. We designed a 20 hour course in 10 days for him which satisfied his needs. Currently, our School has several high quality private teachers and our students are from all over the world. Most of them live in The Hague or its suburbs. The age of our students ranges from 4 to 40 years. Some of them want intensive and frequent lessons, others want to learn Chinese slowly and in a more relaxed manner. There are some who need to learn Chinese for their job, others are learning Chinese to improve communication with their family. There are also people who are studying Chinese because they are fascinated by Chinese culture.

Whatever your demands are concerning the Chinese language, please consult us.

3. Custom classes on demand

We also offer lectures adapted to special requirements. For example, in 2010, four high school students, who had previously followed Saturday classes at another Chinese school for more than ten years, enrolled in our school in order to pass higher level HSK proficiency tests. We designed a special course for them and after a few months of Saturday lessons, each of them passed the HSK proficiency test level 5 (this level 5 means they will be able to follow lectures at a Chinese university). So whatever you wish to achieve and however you wish to learn it, we will do our best to fulfill your wishes and help you to advance your skills.

4. Additional days

We intend to have additional weekly lessons, for example on each Wednesday afternoon from 13:00 to 16:30. Please contact us if you are interested. We may set up a new location for those lessons.

 Below you will find information on the different types of courses that the Den Haag Chinese school has to offer.  



age level


Hours on Saturday


Teaching and material fee for 5 months (semester)



4 - 6  year


125+25 Euro


6 - 18 year


125+25 Euro



18+ students

11:00-12:30 or


180  Euro (not including material fee)


 No upper age limit


11:00-12:30 or 13:00-14:30


225 Euro (not including material fee)





Attention: private lessons and special lessons have a separate tariff, please contact us if you are interested.


Class location    

Shri Vishnu School

Abraham van Beyerenstraat 56

2525  TH  Den Haag


Class hours

11:00—14:30 (4—18year) saturday

11:00—12:30 of 13:00—14:30 ( >18year)

There are 7 public holidays in a year. Please consult the municipal primary school holiday schedule. 

The official opening is the first Saturday of  September.

The annual meeting will be held on a Saturday, 2 weeks before the end of June.

The final lesson of the study year is the last Saturday of June .


How to enroll

1. Download our registration form 

2. Personally at our school