The medals won by our students in different contests in the period 2004 – 2012.

Large contests:

1. In the summer of 2008, Hans Liu (刘汉斯) and Juseff Liu (刘思域), representing the Dutch Team, took part in the First World “Han Yu Qiao” contest for High School Students. This contest had 87 competitors from 24 countries. Student Hans Liu has won a third prize (comprehensive) and a scholarship for a half-year study in China including a return airplane ticket.

2. In March 2010, Student Yang Guo (郭洋) took part in the 11th World Chinese Students Composition Contest. Her article “The Egyptian Wild Goose – the small 7th baby” has won the first prize.




3. SHK Examination

May 2010: Twelve students took part in the HSK high en basislevel Chinese Examination. Nine of them qualified.



 Autumn 2010: Twelve students took part in HSK Level 2 Chinese pre-examination. Nine students qualified. Among them four students scored A-level in both reading and understanding spoken Chinese.


June 2011: In order to study for a high level HSK examination, four students of Chinese enrolled in our school. After several months’ effort, all students passed the HSK Level 5 examination. There were four other students who took part in the HSK examination of which one passed the Level 4 examination and one the Level 3 examination


 June 2012: One student took part in the HSK Level four examination and successfully passed (this student tried but failed in 2011).

Other contests:

In April 2010 in the Dutch - Chinese Cultural Knowledge Contest, Guo Yang (郭洋) and Wang RuoMeng (王若萌) won the Excellence Prize.


2. In the autumn of 2005 there was the First Mandarin Speech/Recite Contest in the Netherlands. Zhu Lan ting (朱兰亭) won the third prize in the youth group.


 3. In December 2009, in the Third Mandarin Speech/Recite Contest in the Netherlands, 6 year old Zhang Xinyue (张馨月) won Third Place in the child group.


4. In April 2013, in the Fifth Mandarin Speech/Recite Contest in the Netherlands, Autul, a French student, won the Non-Chinese Group Excellence Prize.