The Chinese Language School in The Hague teaches Mandarin, using pinyin and simplified Chinese notation.The school was founded in 2004. It is an officially registered professional and nonprofit educational institute. School management and teaching staff are creative and skillful professionals who accept full responsibility for the succes of their students.

Management and teaching staff are graduates from a Chinese University, who majored in education, Chinese, English or other liberal arts and humanities. Our Chinese language skills are superb and we love our job. Our teachers have lived in the Netherlands for several years, they understand the characteristics of foreign students and Dutch students very well and have a considerable experience in teaching the Chinese language.


The aim of education

Chinese characters are magical and elegant, Chinese is a comprehensive and profound language, Chinese culture is rich and colorful, and Chinese civilization has a long and interesting history. These compelling factors incite eager students to study Chinese with enthusiasm. Altogether, teaching such an audience generates well-educated graduates.

Practice in order to learn is the maxim of all education. Our school encourages and stimulates students to participate in well-established international Chinese knowledge exchange activities, contests, and other social activities to practice their knowledge of Chinese.

During participation of these activities, we create possibilities to provide professional counseling, train students to give full play to their potential, and enhance their ability to apply the knowledge of Chinese that they acquired.

Several examples illustrate this: the world class "Chinese Bridge" contest for intermediate school students; the world class Chinese students writing contest; the HSK Chinese proficiency tests; the Dutch Mandarin recitation contest; and the Chinese culture knowledge contest. The students of our school always have performed very wellat those contests and achieved good results. Our school is still rather young. It was founded not long ago to train outstanding students. Our teachers take their teaching responsabilities very seriously andwork hard to promote knowledge of Chinese language and culture.

Intended form of education:

In the present fast-changing environment, people have to assimilate and update their views and concepts of the Eastern World. Now, the Chinese language attracts increasing attention all over the world. In recent years, children from many countries enrolled in our school to study Chinese. Our school has become an international Chinese school.

According to our curriculum which is adapted to the aptitudes of the students, we use the following construction:

1. For all grades, we teach in small classes. Individual counseling will be provided when required. We aim for the best teaching quality to the effect that non-Chinese children, Chinese children, youngsters, and adults are able to absorb Chinese practices and do the homework exercises that reinforce class lectures.

2. Multimedia are used to aid teaching: all school books and materials are supplemented with CD, VCD, and cassette tapes. With assitance of our teachers, the students use computers and do appropriate exercises with them to enhance textbook study and to improve the quality of the curriculum.


The teaching characteristics of our school

The school program follows the standard education structure, meaning a teaching system that is efficient and interesting. Teachers are emotionally involved during their classes, they concentrate on the psychological characteristics of children, and create gradually a high-quality and entertaining educationalenvironment. The lessons in our school are based on intensive communication between teachers and parents. We also pay attention to the dynamic development of students. Their parents will be well informed about their progress. Each Semester, we also invite parents to attend to and observe our teaching.

Bottom line: it’s a judicious decision to teach Chinese at ages when people can memorizebest, whether it’s for work, for school, for travel, for hobby, or for family harmony and happiness. Come to our school to to learn Chinese.